Hope diamond sank with Titanic

The rumour that the fabulous Hope Diamond was on Titanic when it sank is false. 

Evelyn Walsh McLean wearing the Hope DiamondThis deep blue diamond, famous for supposedly being cursed, was in the possession of Washington socialite Mrs Evelyn McLean, who was not on the ship.  The stone does not appear to have brought her, or those dear to her much luck: her son died in a car crash at age nine, her daughter committed suicide at the age 25, and her husband was declared insane and died in a mental institution in 1941.

After Evelyn died in 1947, the diamond was sold off to repay debts.

Pictured right is Evelyn Walsh McLean wearing the Hope Diamond.



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  1. Edith Russell

    Edith Russell, first class survivor talks about the moment the iceberg struck Titanic.

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