Belfast and Titanic

In Belfast, the loss of Titanic had a profound affect.  During her short life, she had captured the hearts and the pride of the city of Belfast.  The disaster that befell Titanic on her maiden voyage cast a pall of despair over the city – it is said that when the news broke, grown men cried in the streets. For years, the city disassociated itself from the ill-fated ship.

Now attitudes have shifted completely. The city is embracing its Titanic past and is in the midst of creating Titanic Quarter, a multi-billion rejuvenation scheme  based around the docklands where Titanic was built. 

At its heart will be the Titanic Signature Project, a £97 million world-class visitor attraction to be opened by 2012. It will showcase the story of the Titanic and the wider theme of shipbuilding and seafaring in Belfast, including the engineering, industrial, social, cultural and economic origins and connections.



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Visiting Information

TITANICa The Exhibition is on display the the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra. Click here for opening times, how to get here and admission prices.


Titanic Exhibition

The Titanic exhibition is housed in the Transport galleries at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra. You can also experience "TITANICa The People's Story in the Outdoor Folk Museum.

Click here for more information on the 500 artefacts on display and also the Ultimate Living History experience.