Leaving Southampton 4

Titanic leaving Southampton, April 1912.

Titanic leaving Southampton, April 1912.

Titanic steams away from Southampton, 10 April 1912.  Her first port of call was Cherbourg in France, where a further 274 passengers went on board.   As Titanic was too large to enter the tiny port of Cherbourg, the passengers were ferried to the liner on the White Star tenders Nomadic and Traffic, both of which had been specially built in Belfast for this purpose.

Her next, and final, port of call was Queenstown (Cobh) in Ireland.

"A large concourse of people had gathered to speed the vessel on her maiden voyage, and she made an impressive spectacle as she quietly glided in brilliant sunshine down Southampton Water, quite dwarfing all the adjacent shipping."

Belfast News-Letter,11 April 1912



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