Postcard from Queenstown

Postcard from Titanic, April 1912.

At 11:30 am, 11 April, Titanic dropped anchor 2 miles (3km) offshore from Queenstown in county Cork, Ireland, her last port of call before sailing for New York.  Two tenders, America and Ireland, carried new passengers and their luggage out to the ship.  At 1:40pm she set sail again.

This card was posted from Titanic at Queenstown (Cobh) on 11 April 1912.  It was sent by Mr Robert Phillips, travelling in second class with his daughter Alice.  It reads:

"RMS Titanic 11/4/12

Dear Bill,

Just a line to let you know we are all right up to now and having a jolly time.  I wrote to Bill yesterday, if you call in he will tell what I have said.  Kindest regards to you and the wife from one of the old school. 


Alice has made friends with a gentleman and wife and two daughters that sit at the same table."

Mr Phillips was lost in the disaster, but his daughter Alice survived.



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