Calling for Help

The Marconi wireless radio on board Titanic was a relatively new technological marvel.   Its operators were employed by the Marconi Company, not the White Star Line. 

When Captain Smith realised that the ship was sinking, he ordered the operators on duty, Harold Bride and Jack Phillips, to send wireless messages to all steamships within reach. 

Bride and Phillips stayed at their post, sending the S.O.S. signal, until Captain Smith informed them that they could leave. Bride survived the disaster, Phillips did not.



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Visiting Information

TITANICa The Exhibition is on display the the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra. Click here for opening times, how to get here and admission prices.


Titanic Exhibition

The Titanic exhibition is housed in the Transport galleries at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra. You can also experience "TITANICa The People's Story in the Outdoor Folk Museum.

Click here for more information on the 500 artefacts on display and also the Ultimate Living History experience.