Titanic audio

Titanic audio

These recordings give an unique insight to the experiences of some Titanic’s passengers and crew, transporting us back in time to the night of April14/15, 1912.  Commemorative songs give a picture of the wider public response to the disaster.

Edith Russell

Edith Russell, first class survivor talks about the moment the iceberg struck Titanic.

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Charles Lightholler

Second Officer, Charles Lightholler describes the scene as Titanic sank.

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Joseph Boxall

Junior Officer, Joseph Boxell talks about the moment the Captain was told about the iceberg and how the disaster unfolded.

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Wireless Operator Grey

Grey communicated with the Titanic Marconi operators when they issued the SOS distress call. Archive audio duration 3 minutes 11 seconds.

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Be British

Be British song.

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Stand to your post

Titanic 'Stand to your post' record.

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» News of the Disaster - Daily Mirror reports

Titanic report, The Daily Mirror, 16 April 1912."Everyone Safe"....."Helpless Gian...

» Marconi Operators

1912 illustration of Titanic's heroic Marconi (wireless) operators.Titanic’s Marconigram op...

» Marconigram 1

News of the disaster reaches Olympic. 

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TITANICa The Exhibition is on display the the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra. Click here for opening times, how to get here and admission prices.


Titanic Exhibition

The Titanic exhibition is housed in the Transport galleries at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra. You can also experience "TITANICa The People's Story in the Outdoor Folk Museum.

Click here for more information on the 500 artefacts on display and also the Ultimate Living History experience.